Generating PDF

PDF is the standard file format in the graphic arts industry. Nevertheless, questions often arise in relation to the production of PDF data suitable for print.

This is why we offer you free guides, which will help you create PDF files suitable for print.

Prepress guide
Prepress Guide (PDF, 8,9 MB): Our comprehensive prepress guide contains tips for color management, image processing, layout, PDF generation and PDF checking.

Color profiles
The European Color Initiative ( provides color profiles for the use in industrial offset printing for free. In the download section the following packages can be obtained for standardized offset printing: (Contains among others: ISOcoated_v2_eci, PSO_LWC_Improved_eci, PSO_LWC_Standard_eci, PSO_MFC_Paper_eci, PSO_SNP_Paper_eci, PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647_eci, SC_paper_eci) (Contains: PSO_INP_Paper_eci) (Contains: PSOcoated_v3) (Contains: PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52) (Contains: PSOsc-b_paper_v3_FOGRA54)
Please copy the color profiles ending in .icc or .icm to the following directories:
Macintosh: Library\Application Support\Adobe\Color\Profiles\Recommended
Windows-PC: Program files\Common files\Adobe\Color\Profiles\Recommended

Color settings for Adobe Creative Suite
If you are working with Adobe Creative Suite you can load the basic color settings for all programs of the Adobe Creative Suite, e. g. Photoshop, Illustrator und InDesign. This takes places via Adobe Bridge. In the menu Edit/Color Settings choose the setting KONRADIN_PSOcoated_v3_sRGB and apply it. Now the color settings are activated for all programs, e. g. in Photoshop und InDesign. This color setting uses PSOcoated_v3 as CMYK color space and eciRGB_v2 as RGB color space. If you need another printing substrate, you have to apply another CMYK color space.
Furthermore, the RGB profile has to be taken into account as well. The majority of RGB images worldwide are being taken with digital cameras, which uses the sRGB color space. If this profile has been used with your images, you would already apply a "wrong" color space when using eciRGB_v2. In this case, it makes sense to install sRGB as color space in the color setup. That's why we offer a choice of color setups which differ in RGB source profile and CMYK target profile.
KONRADIN_PSOcoatedV3_sRGB.csf (ZIP, 1,8 MB)
KONRADIN_PSO_LWC_Standard_sRGB.csf (ZIP, 1,4 MB)
KONRADIN_PSO_LWC_Improved_sRGB.csf (ZIP, 1,4 MB)
KONRADIN_PSOuncoatedV3_sRGB.csf (ZIP, 1,7 MB)
KONRADIN_SC_Paper_sRGB.csf (ZIP, 1,3 MB)
KONRADIN_PSO_SC-B_PaperV3_sRGB.csf (ZIP, 1,4 MB)
Please copy the color settings ending in .csf to the following directories:
Macintosh: Library\Application Support\Adobe\Color\Settings\Recommended
Windows-PC: Program files\Common files\Adobe\Color\Settings\Recommended

PDF joboptions
Joboptions for the PDF export from InDesign and Illustrator: (ZIP, 8 KB)
Install the PDF export settings as follows: Indesign menu File/Adobe PDF Presets/Define, then click on the button load and choose the setting file ”KONRADIN_v2_X4_CMYK“ and import it. To export a PDF file choose in the menu File/Adobe PDF ­Presets the export setting ”KONRADIN_v2_X4_CMYK“.
Joboptions only for application in Acrobat Distiller. KONRADIN_v2_DISTILLER.joboptions (ZIP, 4 KB)

Acrobat preflight settings
KONRADIN-Preflight_v6.kfp (ZIP, 16 KB)
During the creation of the pages or the generation of the PDF, settings may have been applied that lead to undesirable results. Therefore, the final PDF requires a precise checking to avoid frequent mistakes. After the PDF generation, a first visual check is necessary before formally checking the PDF file by means of the preflight check. Therefore, import the necessary preflight profile into Acrobat by choosing Edit/Preflight and then Options/Preflight profile.